Corporate Profile

Who are we?

Comptech Associates is a computer consulting firm established in 1995, and has strived and worked hard ever since to offer the best business solutions to its customers. We help businesses maintain competitiveness and relevance in today’s extremely dynamic business market. With the rapidly changing and advancing technologies, businesses that find it hard to keep up with the pace are provided with our professional and expert consultations and strategies. With the help of in-depth analysis and understanding of the connection between business and technology, we are able to produce the most applicable, practical, and informed decisions to solve our customer’s problems.


Comptech Associates aims to transform traditional businesses into extraordinarily efficient enterprises by integrating business with today’s advanced technology. Our vision is to work towards becoming the leading and the most reliable strategic consultants. Empowering and enriching our customers globally with our professional and excelling services is our utmost goal.


With the help of innovative business-solutions and consultations for our customers, Comptech Associates looks forward to being the most high-ranking business strategy consulting service provider that will enable businesses to become globally competitive. We strive to enrich our services with high quality, cost saving and highly effective business solutions that will guarantee groundbreaking success for our customers. With a customer-centric approach and with the use of highly advanced technology, we provide businesses with a range of professional services that will increase profitability, competitiveness, and efficiency.


Comptech Associates is profoundly based on the foundation of integrity, honesty, excellence, morals, and respect for the business community. We have a customer-centric approach and are always keen to develop long-lasting, healthy relationships with our customers. And that, we believe, is only possible with full transparency, honesty, and compliance. By providing you the services we promise, we develop and build a trust-based relationship with our customers. With customer centricity, commitment, and respect for the community, professionalism, and excellence, we can deliver the best business solutions and services to our customers.


We believe in excellence, quality, and hard work which is why our integrated team of technical experts is the most valued asset. Our team comprises highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable individuals who work hard towards producing the best possible solutions for their customers. They spend their time analyzing, understanding, and getting the hold of the fast-paced technology and the dynamic business world. Comptech Associates provides its team with full support and acknowledgment for their hard work and their vigorous efforts towards reaching our fundamental goals.