Enterprise Analytics

We all live in fear of our own devices. That’s why doctors make the worst patients, and it’s also why disruptors dread being disrupted.

Still, sometimes the decision-making process – just like the customer relationship or application development or the operations management process – needs to be disrupted for the good of the whole enterprise. Or maybe for the survival of the whole enterprise.

As the number of data vectors keeps growing and the volume of data stored continues to inundate enterprises, we rely more and more on advanced technology to help us sort it all out. Automation, integration and process orchestration are essential for any business intelligence suite, and the most sophisticated ones have discovered the value of assistance from artificial intelligence.

Enterprise analytics today sits atop a ziggurat of advanced technologies that gather data, store it and sift through it for meaning. It might not be the most comforting conversation you have this year but speaking with a Comptech Associates representative can help you identify how healthy your decision-making process is today, and what can be done to ensure it passes health checks for years to come.

Key Performance Indicators

Advanced analytics

Big data analytics is intended to transform raw data into an actionable narrative. Integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services are important, but there is far more to the value delivery process.

Adding an AI’s machine learning capability to the ecosystem drives predictive analytics, which ensures that the decisions you make today are the optimal ones for tomorrow. This enables you to take not only the immediate best action, but also the next best action. For e-commerce purveyors, clickstream analytics is an invaluable tool to collect, examine and report on the precise path that their best customers take through their websites.

Comptech Associates understands next-generation analytics tools that have already arrived and is working to develop the ones that will be here sooner than you might think.

Data warehousing

You’ve heard, “Garbage in, garbage out.” The opposite is also correct, that clean data in yields higher-quality reports coming out. But in and out of what?

Business intelligence starts with data warehousing. Such a repository serves as an organization’s single point of truth for current or historical data gathered from any number of heterogenous sources.

Without this key piece of data infrastructure, production strategies cannot be finely tuned, and customer or operations analysis amount to little more than guesswork. So, the hardware as well as the full stack of software has to be optimal so that your organization can compete based on sound logic rather than gut instinct.

Comptech Associates understands how critical data warehousing is and has focused a great deal of attention on developing playbooks for how to best deploy this linchpin of enterprise analytics.

Big data analytics

Big data isn’t fully managed until it can connect to the databases, flat files, business logic software and social media platforms to which your organization subscribes. Then accurate data gathered from mobile devices, remote sensors and social networks can inform business decisions. And, while few organizations spend on big data in order to improve workplace efficiency or data security, these are natural byproducts of the new ecosystem.

Such metrics as time-to-insight, time-to-decision and speed-to-market quantify how effective an investment in big data is. Comptech Associates not only has the technological skills to implement a big data analytics suite, it also has the business acumen to demonstrate their benefits in financial terms.

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