By establishing an alliance partnership with Salfesforce.com (SFDC), Comptech Associates is able to provide its customer outperforming marketing solutions. SFDC is a world-leading platform that provides software solutions that allow businesses to become competitive by improving their customer relationship management (CRM). Comptech Associates has provided software solutions to businesses globally that have encouraged growth and added value to their enterprise. Our alliance with SFDC has greatly benefited our customers, and we aim to keep getting better at it.

Comptech Associates offers services in multiple industries including the public sector and high technology manufacturing. Our diversified services allow us to make full use of our alliance with SFDC and help businesses to remain valued and competitive in their industry. SFDC software solutions are equipped with the latest and the most advanced artificial intelligence and technologies, and revolutionize business models through digitalization. These are the following SFDC-based products and solutions that we offer :

  • Internet of things
  • Analytics
  • Sales cloud
  • Marketing cloud
  • Services cloud


Whether you want to increase or improve your customer engagement, or you want to streamline your valuable business data in one place for better access and understanding, SFDC solutions can help you with it.

Growth through SFDC alliance

With Comptech’s alliance with SFDC, we are able to provide you intelligent solutions and recommendations for your business. Here are ways you can benefit from the alliance :

  • Solve customer problems faster :

    With an integrated business model that is fully digitalized and intelligent, you will be better at responding to your customers. SFDC solutions use automation and AI to fully streamline business processes and customer data that you can easily work with and develop effective solutions to tackle customer’s problems.

  • Better decision making with data insights :

    The key to making the right decision at the right time is having enough data and knowledge about a situation. To enable you and your business to improve their decision making, and make apt decisions that can be crucial for your business, Comptech Associates develops SFDC-based analytic tools and data processing systems. Streamline all your valued data in one place, have access to the most significant data insights, and develop the most accurate decisions.

  • Work in sync :

    By developing efficient systems and software, SFDC solutions can help your business stay well-managed and well-coordinated. Coordination between departments and various organizational operations is necessary to ensure that everything is in place. Without sync, there will be chaos and mishaps. To ensure a safe, synchronized and efficient work environment, Comptech Associates develops software solutions that effectively help every component of your business remain intact with one another. This will consequently result in your business achieving higher productivity levels and efficiencies.