Healthcare and Life Sciences

IT managers can sometimes get lost in the metrics: processing speed, storage speed, network bandwidth, unscheduled downtime.

So it helps to sometimes take a step back and look at the business requirements to understand what these metrics need to map to. Often that’s speed to market or customer retention or cost reduction.

But healthcare and life sciences are different. Yes, these fields are responsive to the same financial pressures as banks or retail chains. Ultimately, though, the key metric in this sphere is heartbeats. Patients want as many as they can get, and providers want the tools to offer as many as possible.

That’s why Comptech Associates’ team members are enthusiastic about helping enterprises that ensure access to care, provide lifesaving medication and develop the next generation of cures and vaccinations to today’s most devastating diseases.

Healthcare Insurance Payers: Making Hard Choices Easier

Healthcare insurance payers need to know not only what their members are expecting from them today, but what they’ll need from them one, three or five years out. And as technology advances, they’ll need to know how to harness it to provide an increasingly personalized, responsive customer experience.

So how can a firm looking to gain market share create a platform that supports the message that its team cares deeply about its members’ health?

It requires the right blend of artificial intelligence, customer relationship management systems, decision support software and other specialized technologies.

Comptech Associates provides the expertise such companies need to efficiently scale up while delighting their members.

Healthcare Providers: Not Just a Collaboration – a Team

Those who are called to the healing arts have hundreds if not thousands of patients. But those patients also have a number of providers: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, therapists and – let’s not forget –administrators who act as conduits for the rest of the team.

Providing healthcare might be a many-to-many relationship but, ultimately, the patient has to receive one-to-one care. That experience can be enhanced by dynamic case management, contextual self-service and other automated and AI-enabled technology.

Comptech Associates understands that, when processes are handled by bots, it frees up human hands to offer the kind of care only they can provide.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers: The key to Cost Control

Whether they function within insurance companies, integrated healthcare systems or pharmacy chains, pharmacy benefit managers are the linchpin in the American medical ecosystem for ensuring medicine is affordable and available to plan members. How well an individual PBM does that is often conditioned on how quickly it can grow market share.

The more customer intimacy it can engender, the more successful a PBM is likely to be. Targeted, personalized messaging that anticipates each consumer’s individual needs goes a long way toward winning over that base and – just as importantly – keeping it.

Real-time data analytics and AI-assisted decision making are among the tools that Comptech Associates brings.

Government & Healthcare: Not Just Management – Outcomes

When your only stakeholders are your members, providing health care is an entirely different enterprise.

You have to meet them where they are: geographically, medically and even technologically. The vast array of devices and channels they present complicates the mission of getting them – and keeping them – healthy.

It becomes even more challenging when your own IT infrastructure is an array of legacy systems that were never designed to orchestrate together. The kind of fast, frictionless, response the public expects from sellers of consumer goods is exactly what it has come not to expect from government service providers.

Comptech Associates can help governmental healthcare providers to work off a unified, modular platform governed by sound business process management principles.

Life Sciences

Life sciences is all about the data. Whether it’s about primary research, testing, markets or compliance, analytics drives every aspect of this industry segment. And, while the basic principles of chemistry don’t change, everything else life sciences touches does, and quite dynamically.

Process engineering, AI-assisted decision making and reporting and audit support are all key elements of any successful life sciences enterprise. So is the ability to scale from startup to billion-dollar business as rapidly as possible.

Comptech Associates has the expertise to help build that infrastructure so that, when the time is right, a promising research lab can transform into an industry powerhouse.

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