Media & Telecommunication

The media and telecommunication industry is highly influenced and impacted by today’s highly advancing technologies and digitalization. Technicians have been working hard on new communication means which are being invented day in and day out because of the merging of information technology, mobile communication devices, and media content. With increasing global competition, product diversity, increasing efficiencies and cost reductions, the need for intelligent business solutions is inevitable.

As a consequence, an in-depth, real-time data regarding your customer’s needs and expectations has become the basic necessity for businesses. Comptech Associates has an extensive amount of appropriate skills, expertise, and experience in this area. Our team of technology experts can offer your various CSPs (communications service providers) solutions with their services including:

  • Sales automation
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Order management


Comptech offers you software solutions based on the world-leading software platforms including PEGA and SFDC, and provide you long-lasting marketing and customer-engagement solution.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Need a better method to manage your sales well? Our CPQ services are based on advanced tools and systems like SFDC that will consequently allow your sales management to become much efficient. By availing our CPQ services, your salespeople will be better equipped and will have a better understanding of their work, resulting in improved customer relations.

Deliver relevant content with the right tools

Digital media is based on complex collaboration. The future success of these industries lies in the streamlined digital media workflow system. Calling, advertising, and posting on the internet are now the tactics of the golden days and are no longer efficient practices. Comptech Associates delivers you the best consultation and solutions in the form of software based on highly advanced and well-equipped platforms such as Appian that allow easy and effective mobile applications and program development to help you engage with your customers better. Get real-time access to your customers’ data insights with our advanced tools.

Our dedication to media telecom

Comptech Associates firmly believes in building a stronger relationship and connecting with the customer is prudent and significant. Comptech believes that satisfying the needs of your consumers is one of the important principles to follow in today’s globally competitive world.

Delivering relevant content with different tools is, again, a necessary thing to do. The new features, which are always in demand, provide the consumer with equal opportunity to participate and walk with the world shoulder to shoulder. That’s exactly what Comptech aims to do; provide you with only the best. To know more, call us today!