Maybe government was never intended to be run like a business, but that doesn’t mean it’s not supposed to be efficient, nimble, responsive.

Comptech Associates understands the challenges facing agencies of federal, state and local governments, and can bring technological solutions to ease the burden.

Public Safety and Justice: Speedy Trials, Efficient Investigations

Data analysis needs to be available to investigator sin the field, so it must be based on a mobile-first platform. That’s why agencies deploy professional-grade Investigative Case Management frameworks that accelerate delivery of actionable facts to remote resources, and in an efficient, cost-effective way.

The next challenge is to get the wheels of justice to shift into a higher gear. Justice should never be delayed due to inadequate legacy technology.

Fortunately, the same business process management tools that have supported businesses for years are also available in packages specifically designed for courts.

Comptech Associates’ experts can help find the solutions that enable those who protect the public to be even more effective in their mission.

National Defense: Maintaining Command and Control

Every aspects of provisioning service members relies on technology – which is often out-of-date or incompatible. The challenge is to develop seamless systems that enable those charged with national security to focus on their mission.

Comptech Associates’ experts stand ready to help Defense Department components ensure that they are doing all they can to keep the United States safe.

Government Healthcare and Social Programs: Focusing on the People, not the Institutions

A unified, modular management platform governed by sound business process management principles is critical to any healthcare provider, and just as critical to casework related to children’s and families’ welfare. Screening and intake, investigations and case management can all be made more efficient and less risky with the right technology systems in place.

Comptech Associates brings expertise in orchestrating systems so that they work in tandem regardless of organizational silos.

Tax and Regulatory: A little Edge is all you Need

Agencies dedicated to collecting revenue from and ensuring legal compliance of businesses are at an inherent disadvantage. They don’t always have the financial wherewithal of the enterprises with which they interface, so they have to be smarter.

Fortunately, access to funds isn’t the only determinant of technological sophistication. The same business process management, data analysis, artificial intelligence and office automation packages available to Fortune 500 companies are also within the price range of most government agencies tasked with monitoring their behavior.

Comptech Associates can help tax and regulatory agencies perform their critical tasks.

Agriculture and Environment: Nothing’s Harder than Simplicity

Agriculture is more complicated than many believe. Agencies that support it are responsible for grants, subsidies and partnership agreements to smooth out what is an inherently unpredictable business. This requires world-class payment processing do a diverse set of recipients.

And whether an agency is focused on promoting public lands and wildlife or on regulating businesses that could compromise them, it needs to be able to bring to bear the kind of business process management and case management resources that enable it to be successful – and provide it to employees in some very remote corners of the country.

Comptech Associates brings the expertise to extend technological advantages from the raised floor of the data center to the soil of the Farm Belt, to the canopy of the forest, and to the sandy bottom of the continental shelf.

Transit: Technology Transfers

Before someone can get on a city bus, the city has to get the bus. Purchasers need to know the array of grant money available to them and be able to make the business case for hydrogen-powered or natural gas-powered vehicles. With subways, light rails, commuter trains and paratransit, it gets complicated in a hurry.

How do you know if the routes in service today are optimized – and that they will still be so next year? How do you inform riders of delays or service interruptions? How do you keep track of where every bit of rolling stock is at all times?

Comptech Associates can help you access data scientists who understand these analytics from the perspective of public transit.

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