Even though Comptech Associates product development/engineering service line typically addresses software vendors, systems vendors and web/social media companies, since many of these technology companies serve unique verticals, our domain experience in these industry verticals becomes a very important factor in our client’s product engineering efforts.

The typical nuances of functionality, business rules, usability, security, performance, reliability and costs are very important for effective product development and deployment in each specific industry. Comptech Associates has extensive experience in building and deploying solutions in the industries among many others:

Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Capital markets
Wealth management
Risk management
Life insurance
Property & Casualty insurance

The customers’ today are fully aware, and want things “their way.” The traditional business models that revolve around selling similar and mass products are no more beneficial. Today, the retailing industry is revolutionized and has become much more customer-centric.

The media and telecommunication industry is highly influenced and impacted by today’s highly advancing technologies and digitalization. Technicians have been working hard on new communication means which are being invented day in and day out because of the merging of information technology, mobile communication devices, and media content.

Comptech Associates has hands-on knowledge and skills that can provide your business with industry-specific solutions. Cost-reductions, efficiency, and productivity are the aim of every business. We aim to develop and provide highly advanced and long-lasting solutions that will enhance your performance in this complex Energy & Utility industry.

With the increasing technological advancements and our increasing professional and personal dependence on technology, the high tech industry is blooming. The industry revolves around technology itself, manufacturing computer products and services. From manufacturing small parts of computers to manufacturing high-tech machinery used to make computers, everything is taken care of in the high tech industry.

Controlled by the state, the public sector services and enterprises are perhaps the most important part of any economy. Globally, the emphasis on improving and efficiency in the public sector is increasing. The public sector works towards providing basic necessities at much cheaper prices to every citizen equally.