What is Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation (DPA) goes beyond robotics to automate and orchestrate processes in a holistic manner, so that the entire ecosystem is optimized as well as its individual parts.

Comptech Associates’ DPA provides a springboard to a more efficient use of resources for tomorrow as well as today.

RPA: Because Everybody Needs Their Own Bot

Even the most dedicated employee wastes time at the keyboard. That’s because the biggest time killer might not be social media or Cyber Monday sales, but rather the attention and keystrokes required to toggle between disconnected desktop apps. This is particularly true of customer service representatives and other public-facing employees.
Robotic process automation reduces such distractions by providing every employee with their own bot to take distractions out of the job, enabling attention to be focused on the customer.

AI: Not a Cure-All, But an Important Tool

Not every person can be good at everything, nor can every team, no matter how big or how skilled. An organization of any size or complexity needs to use artificial intelligence to automate processes adjacent to those skill gaps. Just as critically, it needs to apply AI assistance to those processes at which it excels, but so does the competition.

While there is a lot to be said about how AI can make an enterprise more productive, perhaps too much has been said already. Comptech Associates’ clients know what the facts are, and what the hype is.

Case Management: Save Time? Add Value? Why Not Both?

DPA often provides that one illusive element that enables an enterprise to get more done. Its case management capabilities offer two distinct advantages. First, it can orchestrate technological tools and users to automate routine tasks, but there are many ways to achieve that. DPA case management, though, could extend that benefit to projects that needs to be performed by exception. When combined, the positive implications for customer service and expense control are obvious. Less obvious, but just as real, is the way DPA case management leads to a more responsive, agile organization.

Decision Management

Wouldn’t it be nice if the kind of visual tools that assist workflow management applied to high-brain decision management as well? While DPA might never replace human discretion and ingenuity, it can support it with exactly that kind of dashboard views. If a set of business rules can be expressed, then the DPA toolkit can provide the single-pane-of-glass view and natural-language commentary that reveals the optimal course of action, and how that might change over time via precise scenarios.

Comptech Associates understands the business impact of having a built-for-purpose decision management platform, and how that must differ from the analogous workflow management tools.

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