Computing Services

In IT infrastructure, it’s considered a virtue to boil things down to essentials. Reductionist thinking is encouraged and rewarded. So we really can’t blame people for pointing out, “There’s no such thing as ‘the cloud’. It’s just someone else’s computer.”

While true, it misses an important point: It’s a computer your company doesn’t have to power, cool, patch, back up, monitor, audit or – most importantly – buy.

But there are other things to consider. On the one hand, cloud delivery enables one-click deployment of images or applications. On the other, trusting a third party to handle a company’s entire IT ecosystem could lead to a contentious cycle of vendor lock-in.

Comptech Associates’ leaders learned long ago what a decision about how to proceed – and at what speed – with offsite, end-to-end computing services entails. It needs to balance the small-ball thinking appropriate to service delivery with the big-picture view that drives corporate strategy.

Cloud computing operations: Removing complexity along with hardware

Cloud computing not only reduces an organization’s capital outlays, it simplifies day-to-day IT operations. Automation, network monitoring, business continuity and even software patching are all part of the job for any full-service cloud provider. That enables the IT department to focus on application development and other value-added projects.

Comptech Associates has the expertise to help you select the cloud computing service models, deployment models and providers that would be optimal for your organization.

Cloud diagnostics: Keeping small problems small

Application performance monitoring is all well and good at what it does, but does it do enough? Knowing you have an issue is just the first step toward having an actionable response to it or, just as importantly, figuring out how to prevent the issue from occurring ever again.

Diagnostics, available as software-as-a-service solutions, deploys artificial intelligence to not only flag potential problems, but to suggest and prioritize responses, enhancing the entire system’s performance.

Comptech Associates can examine SaaS offerings to help you get ahead and stay ahead of issues, rather than just let you know you’re having them.

Cloud for highly regulated industries

A company that works in finance, health care, utilities, energy, communications or any other sector that relies on the public trust needs to take extra care with its data security.

That’s not to give everyone else a free pass. Online retailers and social media platforms have been the victims of some of the most flagrant hacks. Their stakes aren’t what could be called low, but the same sorts of breaches occurring in highly regulated industries could be devastating. Anything from an individual’s medical history being made public to the crippling of an entire country’s power grid are already possible. They’ve already happened more than once.

That’s why any cloud service must offer stringent security. Data must remain encrypted both in transit and at rest. Also, applications and infrastructure must be actively monitored against intrusions. Comptech Associates’ cloud experts are familiar with the solutions and the criteria.

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