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Gone are the days of discrete telecom and cable companies, each with a territory in which they had a monopoly for their services for which they charged a simple basic-plus-options subscription. Now they compete with each other for both pipes into homes and content to provide.

The competitive landscape is now broader and deeper than it has ever been, with players from all legacy businesses making acquisitions and back-integrating into content production. Meantime, even the customers are as well, putting their own content up on YouTube, Twitch and other consumer-to-consumer platforms.

Last decade’s technology can’t do the job. Communication service providers know that they need new tools – and new thinking – to compete for increasingly fickle customers. Comptech Associates can help them develop new ways for CSPs to differentiate themselves and deliver customer experiences that will excite and delight.

Customer Acquisition and Retention: Artificial Intelligence, Real Results

AI has proven to be an effective tool for attracting new customers, suggesting purchases and even keeping them engaged over an extended lifecycle. But just because the bot is automated doesn’t mean the whole process is.

Comptech Associates can show you how to effectively deploy AI in your marketing campaigns, refocusing from what you already have to what current and prospective customers are going to desire.

Only when you can get ahead of that curve can you improve the rates at which you acquire their payment information, upsell content, cross-sell services, improve customer loyalty and decrease churn.

Omni-Channel Service on-Demand: Meeting the Customers where they are

CSPs have to compete with streaming services as well as with each other, and be able to provide their content on devices that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. They also need to offer a music library and curate an array of podcasts. Ultimately, they have to contend with console systems offering games which are more popular than any pro sports.

And that’s just what’s happening today. Who knows what the social media and messaging technology available now will morph into in another handful of years?

Fortunately, AI was invented for its predictive modeling. It can help CSPs gain the insights required to anticipate how new channels will develop, and when old channels can be sunset.

For every touchpoint customers have to access content, though, is another one they have from which they can reasonably expect on-demand customer service. CSP managers who take the long view understand that this is also part of the omni-channel future.

Comptech Associates can turn that forward thinking into an executable plan that enables providers to stay one step ahead.

Service Operations: Now that the Routine Stuff is Automated

Let’s remember why automation is important: Any business has a limited number of resources, and they should be performing value-added tasks rather than “keeping the lights on”. Some things simply require a human touch, especially when dealing with human customers. People have come to appreciate the speed and efficiency with which they can interface with chatbots, but they can just as soon become frustrated and disappointed when they reach the end of the AI’s parameters.

The good news is say technology can help real, live service providers be more productive in their customer contacts. Identifying service disruptions remotely, scheduling service calls and providing field technicians with the information they need on their mobile devices are all just as crucial to success as handling the routinized processes with unobtrusive efficiency. It’s important to know when to deploy artificial intelligence and when to deploy the real thing.

Comptech Associates brings the expertise necessary to determine how to handle issues that a bot – or even an inbound customer service representative – can’t.

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