Cloud Computing
The Virtues Of Going Virtual

Whatever your organization’s mission, it probably doesn’t involve running data centers. Fortunately, a lot of what you need to do to support that mission technologically can be done on someone else’s raised floor, by someone else’s employees. And don’t be surprised if service levels are higher and costs are lower than doing it in-house.

Cloud Computing is the ability to access data storage and computing cycles online and on-demand. You not only pay for only what you use, but you can also use as much as you need because the cloud model is almost infinitely scalable.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

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There are no up-front costs for cloud computing. What were once fixed capital expenses are now variable operational expenses. The result is lower overall costs with no expense for unused resources.


Provisioning can be almost instantaneous. Cloud computing reduces unused capacity and can spin up a virtual server image with the click of a mouse. Many Comptech Associates experts remember that, before virtualization made cloud computing possible, generating that new image involved budgeting thousands of dollars to buy a rack-mounted “pizza box,” waiting for the vendor to deliver it, scheduling time for the facilities crew to hook up the power and network, then testing it in a secure environment before moving it into production. It often took weeks or months of calendar time, not to mention a significant amount of attention from management.


Collaboration tools enable multiple contributors to work on the same file simultaneously. Further, since information need not be re-keyed when fields are matched and software is automatically updated, end users save time on administrative tasks.


Architecture is optimized for a large user pool and actively monitored by the provider. Response time, throughput and utilization can all be improved with cloud solutions.


Multiple, redundant sites offer enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery. High availability is one of the most overlooked advantages of migration to the cloud.


Subscribers can choose between managing their own security via private cloud or accept the benefit of economies of scale that enables the provider to invest in security tools that they cannot afford individually. Providers go a long way to addressing this issue, in part by offering as private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds and a number of more specialized deployment models. Selecting the right one, though, and ensuring it offers the required level of security introduces a new layer of complexity. Again, Comptech Associates’ cloud experts are familiar with the solutions and the criteria.

The Evolution Of Cloud

And cloud computing has evolved over its less than two decades of history.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

At its inception, cloud merely provided the most basic of functions, those traditionally performed by bare-metal hardware. That’s now called IaaS, and it’s only one fraction of what cloud offers today

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Add programming languages, libraries, services and other tools to IaaS and it becomes PaaS

Serverless computing

The most dramatic improvement in the cloud business case in recent years, serverless computing dynamically allocates resources so the customers are charged only for what they use, not a contracted capacity. This works for database management systems as well as infrastructure and platform

Software as a service (SaaS)

One of the hardest expenses to keep track of is software. If you own it, how do you amortize it? If you license it, do you do so on an enterprise level, or is it per-user, per-core or per some other variable? Fortunately, there’s probably a Web-based SaaS package that can provide you only the software you need and charge you for it only when that need arises

The benefits – unlike your next cloud image – do not pop into existence just by clicking the “submit” button. But Comptech Associates has the expertise to help you select the cloud computing service models, deployment models and providers that would be optimal for your organization.

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