Page-freezing video popups no longer work. Banner ads never really did. Blast campaigns depend on so many variables they’re almost impossible for any human being to parse out. So how does a merchandiser find a market online?

Comptech Associates’ retail specialists know the tricks and tools to guide consumers through the sales funnel – from prospect, to first-time customer, to repeat customer, to subscriber – without falling out of it.

Customer Acquisition: The top of the Sales Funnel

It takes the kind of individualized approach for which artificial intelligence is necessary, but far from sufficient. It’s not enough to scan random individuals’ digital footprints for clues that they might be interested in the products on a given site. Though that might be the starting gate, more sophisticated methods are necessary to turn prospects into lifelong customers.

But that’s a multi-step process, and no revenue can ever be gained until that first step is taken, and a prospect becomes a first-time customer. They won’t give up their credit card or digital wallet information just because they’re asked for it.

A lot of consumer behavior is predicated on how they are asked for it. Technology alone doesn’t drive this decision but it is, for better or worse, the first impression an online retailer makes with each prospect.

Comptech Associates can develop technological solutions so that retailers can make each individual in the marketplace feel like they’re receiving the specialized attention they deserve from their favorite online stores.

Customer Retention: Repeat, without Rinsing

The hardest thing in e-commerce is reducing churn – the tendency for today’s customer to be tomorrow’s former customer. It obviously leads to lost revenue – which is often the same as increased revenue for a competitor. It’s particularly frustrating when you consider the expense the retailer incurred to acquire that customer in the first place.

The fix isn’t entirely technological, but machine learning is a good place to start looking for solutions. Because it can customize sales messages, for example, AI can suggest purchases to eager customers and keep them engaged over an extended lifecycle.

This is done by enabling the system to learn the behaviors and habits of each consumer and, based on their histories, predict what they might next be in the market for. But how AIs are taught is just as important as what they are taught, so a carefully tuned decision hub is indispensable. A poorly trained AI is an invitation to customer churn. A well-trained one improves cross-selling, upselling and migrating consumers from retail customers to subscription members.

Comptech Associates trains AIs in how to anticipate what customers want, sometimes even before they know it themselves. us ex, a ultricies urna mi at lorem. ligula neque, vestibulum nec

On-Demand Services: Minding the Store

Retailers need more than just a website to sell online. They need channels that take them where the market is: social media platforms, messenger apps, streaming services. And that email thing that’s been “going away” for the past 25 years? It’s still here.
But every path customer has to find your products is another opportunity to provide them with on-demand customer service. The omni-channel future is here, and the consumers know it. If an online store can’t help them find what they’re looking, schedule delivery and suggest supplementary or complementary goods – all at three in the morning – then they’ll find another store

Comptech Associates can turn that forward thinking into an executable plan that enables providers to stay one step ahead.

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