Big data Using analysis to avoid paralysis

Data drives today’s economy but it is not, as it is often described, “the new oil”. There’s only a finite amount of oil.

But data keeps growing, and far faster than human beings can sift through it. The irony is, it’s human beings generating it. So it’s up to ever more intelligent and efficient machines to help us understand our customers, our prospects, our suppliers and ourselves.

Key Performance Indicators

Prebuilt, Business-Specific Applications

The difference between data and information is whether it’s useful and actionable, so the challenge of big data analytics is to transform the former into the latter. Integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services are important elements of any big data suite but, although they are necessary, they are not sufficient. Big data isn’t fully managed until it can connect to the databases, flat files, business logic software and even social media platforms to which your organization subscribes.

When Comptech Associates’ clients get this right, though, they turn the data that comes in from mobile devices, remote sensors and social networks into business decisions that increase revenues and enhance efficiency.

Faster Time-To-Insight

Since 2016, time-to-insight has been the shorthand for a many of big data’s most important key performance indicators. That’s when NewVantage Partners released its survey of Fortune 1000 executives whose success depends on getting big data right.

But there are several elements to it: time-to-answer, time-to-decision and speed-to-market – and these are among the strongest drivers of big data investment.

Comptech Associates’ experience is that, with the proper guidance, clients can see a blended improvement of 20% across these elements.

Modular Platform

By combining modules, product data can be transmitted, a layered structure can be built and new application protocols can be formed. This kind of architecture greatly simplifies implementation of a big data platform.

Orchestrating an array of interface, management and application modules can all get very complex very quickly, so experts such as those available through Comptech Associates can be especially helpful sorting through these modules and delivering an optimal big data architecture.

How big data analytics can help you today

Ultimately, building a big data platform and pursuing the analytics it yields is probably worth the effort and added complexity. Your organization could benefit from:

  • More accurate data,
  • Increased  workplace efficiency,
  • Actionable answers to complicated questions and
  • Added layers of security.

Comptech Associates has the expertise to help you select the build that multilayer, modular structure from the bare metal up, and then use it to answer important questions that you might not be able to form yet – but your competitors do.

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