Advanced Analytics & Reporting

To get a good understanding of how well a business is doing, a good insight of its data is necessary. Organized, detailed data regarding your business’s performance helps you improve and work on areas where needed. Comptech Associates Analytics platforms use fully digitalized and automated analytics tools to get insights to your business’s data that you can effectively utilize for the improvement of your operations.

Ø Google analytics

A widely used and relied-upon analytic tools especially for advertisers. It can be used to extract valuable data about your customers, real-time information and Expected Google Analytics Data.

Google Analytics is one of the leading marketing platforms. Comptech offers your business solutions based on Google Analytics tool, that helps your business achieve its goals related to customer relations and marketing. Today, globally and across many industries, analytical tools as digitalized and technical as Google analytics are being incorporated into business’s systems. We ensure to make your business equally competitive and equipped enough to keep up with the fast-pace interaction of business and technology.

Ø PEGA marketing

With predictive, memory and real-time marketing intelligence, Comptech Associates uses this analytic tool to understand and respond to the customer’s needs aptly. PEGA marketing is a widely used and reliable software developer that is concerned with developing and maintain customer-business relationship. With PEGA-based digital marketing solutions, Comptech ensures that your business is able to establish an improved relationship with its customers. PEGA marketing solutions are done for broad categories including sales, marketing campaigns and CRM.

Ø Adobe Marketing

This analytic tool channels down all your data in one, integrated place. This makes it easier for you to aces the data at any time, and utilize it efficiently.

Ø Predictive analytics

With the use advanced analysis techniques including data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Comptech Associates aims to predict the possible future events. Predictive analysis involves studying and understanding past facts and statistics, to develop a fair prediction about the future events. With our expertise and high quality services, you will be able to develop an understanding and make well-informed long-term plans for the success of your business.

Ø Reporting

With Comptech associates experience and excellence, we ensure accurate and reliable data reporting that will help you make better, smarter decision for your business.

Ø Data engineering

The expert team of data engineers at Comptech Associates focuses mainly on gathering data, analyzing it and processing it in such a way that it becomes applicable and valid.

By availing our data engineering services, your business will be able to become more flexible, independent and self-sufficient. You will no longer have to rely on other sources for valuable data, and your data-driven processes will become much faster and efficient. So, get in call us today and let us handle the analytics so that you can beat your competitors effortlessly!