Data Warehousing

Considering the increasing trend of digitization in businesses, data warehouses have become a core component. Comptech Associates provides your organization with an ETL-based date warehouse where data gathered from multiple sources is reported and analyzed.

Data warehousing is also considered as a core, and essential component for an organization’s digital intelligence. It involves data analysis and reporting and are the major repositories or storage location for all of business’s operational data and programs. With an integrated, all-in-one place data, critical reporting and analysis is made much easier, efficient, faster and better quality for the organization. You can only make full use of your valuable data if it’s properly stored, has convenient accessibility and is gathered through various different sources.

Because data warehouses involve data collected from several different sources, a good cross-sectional and representative data is expected from these advance form of business management. Accuracy and reliability are the two aspects of business data that effect the usefulness of the data.

Extract, transform, load

Extract, transform, and load or ETL, is a process of gathering and exporting data from a source to a desired location and changing the way it is represented. ETL is now increasingly used in integrated data systems of businesses, especially in data warehousing.

Extraction of data involves the process of copying important data from different sources to one designated location such as a data warehouse. Once copied, the data is transformed and its way of representation is changed from its original source-format. This data is then loaded, and ready to be used by the organization.

Comptech associates has ETL-based warehousing services to offer to your business. With our expert ETL services your business can benefit in various ways. You will see drastic changes in your decision making and management operations. ETL-based solutions allow your business to use and work on consistent, ready-to-use and formats the data in such a way that it is made compatible with your data storage location or a data warehouse.

What to expect from Data warehousing services?

The way your business is run is completely dependent on how you want to run it. Keeping in mind your interests and priorities, Comptech associates will encourage your involvement at every step of the way. Renewing your business systems with a much more technologically advanced system can be tricky, which is why Comptech Associates is only equipped with the most talented, highly qualified and skilled team of technical experts. By availing our data warehousing services for your business model, you will be benefitted in some of the following ways:

  • Security for your data
  • Quick scaling
  • Flexibility
  • Data consistency and quality leads to improved business intelligence
  • Faster analysis and access to valuable data

Ready to take advantage?

Comptech Associates offers its customers with efficient and excellent ETL-based data warehousing services that will totally revolutionize your existing systems. You just need to call us or email us and we’ll be glad to extend our services and ensure your business success!