Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering (providing Automation, Functional, Product, Performance Testing)

In today’s technologically advanced world, the success of a business greatly depends on the quality and implementation of a highly integrated software. The software used by an organization not only opens up new horizons it also exposes the business to new risks. Therefore, it is imperative to use the right strategy to ensure that the response and speed of an application leaves a favorable impact on the end user.

We provide Quality Engineering services to our clients that focus on reducing business risks and ensure a positive user experience. Our comprehensive suite of robust and innovative testing services ensures that high-quality products meet the needs of avid technology users. Cutting edge quality strategies decrease time to market, increase test efficiency, and reduce risks encountered by any business.

Benefits of Quality Engineering

  • Usage of in house accelerators and IP reduces cost up to 60%
  • Significantly reduces the cost of quality and production issues by focusing on avoiding defects
  • Improves productivity by 35% thus improving time to market and delivering a faster project life cycle
  • Enhances performance by 30% thus eliminating performance issues in production


Automation is the key to help your organization earn a faster and greater return on your investment. By identifying and eliminating repetitive and unnecessary activities from your system, we help you to focus more on your clients and provide them with exceptional service. Automation will also help accelerate productivity, reduce costs and decrease errors thus allowing you to perform high-value work efficiently.

Our expertise in automation will help optimize the customer service process and simplify desktops, empower continuous workflow processing, and enhance speed and agility to meet the constantly evolving business needs.

Product Testing

We specialize in providing tailored solutions for customers in every field including BFSI, retail, manufacturing, and gaming industries. Our vast experience combined with numerous implementations and supported by in-built assets and accelerators in Agile, Automation, Cloud, and Performance and Security testing helps us deliver cost-effective solutions quickly and effectively.

The key ingredient for business success is Time to Market. Our product testing framework helps reduce this time by 20 to 30% thus ensuring greater product accessibility. The test engineers at Comptech Associates have great domain expertise and in-depth product knowledge which allows them to deliver quality solutions on time every time.  We also help our clients market their products faster by eliminating errors with the help of well-defined workflow, reducing the total cost of quality, and reusing assets.

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