Talent Management

Comptech Associate has been recruiting, hiring, retaining, and developing the most talented and brilliant employees available in the job market for their clients. Our goal is to find the most competent person for our customers to fulfill both their immediate and long-term needs. Our highly experienced recruiting team is able to identify the most proficient candidate who is not only capable of fulfilling his duties expertly but is also able to fit in the company culture. This is crucial in helping our clients built a professional task force.

Technical Screening

Comptech Associates is dedicated to finding the right person for the job that is why it conducts a technical screening of all the candidates to make sure that the qualifications listed in the resume match the candidate perfectly. At Comptech Associates, we take the screening process very seriously so that we can find the best man that can perform his duties productively and save our clients any unnecessary hassle.

Candidate Identification

If you are looking for the most capable person for the job, then the chances are that your competitor is also looking for top-tier talent. The extensive market knowledge of our team of professional recruiters helps them identify the most in-demand talent for our valuable clients. They use data-driven pre-selection tools to help them better access the capabilities of various candidates. These candidates go through an online assessment, answer questions and play games so that data regarding their actions could be collected. With the help of customized algorithms, our recruiters can then calculate the likelihood of success of the candidate in a particular job.

Client preference

We not only screen the candidates minutely but also work hard to understand the culture and preferences of our customers fully. We work closely with the hiring team to fully comprehend the nature of the job and the duties involved and gather company information from both our clients and different sites to determine the success factors needed for our customers.

Scope of services provided

Comptech Associates has successfully placed numerous candidates belonging to both IT and non-IT departments particularly in healthcare, banking and finance, and high tech industries. These candidates belong to different models of professional series such as permanent, contract, and CTH.

Client satisfaction

At Comptech Associates, we guarantee customer satisfaction by making systematic and consistent decisions regarding candidates’ skills and development. Moreover, the candidates also feel more engaged when recruitment has been done with the help of a fair procedure. This increases the retention rate thus helping organizations to achieve their operational goals swiftly and easily. To know more about our talent management services, call us today!